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  Our company was established in 2013, we spirit of the principles of "Honesty, Pragmatism, Innovation, Service", with domestic and foreign enterprises to provide high quality products,Its parent company“ED-Tech Co., Ltd.” is Electro coating pioneer in Taiwan fastener industry, has been developing and producing fastener anti-corrosion E-Coating for over 21 years. Special establishment the “E-Jason International Co., Ltd.” for sharing research results and looks for cooperation for the industry.

  We realize you might have some membrane requirements and would like to introduce you a new generation membrane, which has been widely used among most European car manufacturers, such as the Europe automobile plant.Unlike the American membranes, this new membrane has extreme low electro-obstruction, which would greatly reduce the amount of electricity being used during electrophoretic process.

  With its smooth surface, coating heaps up against the membrane will no longer be a concern. It further reduces power consumption because of less resistance for the current to pass though. Due to a special "SANDWICH" structure is used to produce this membrane, it not only can fortify the membranes, but also minimizes the chance of being damaged during installation and utilization.

  The maximum width of membrane is 860 m/m at the moment; we continue working on broadening the width to satisfy special width requirement. Nevertheless, the length can be customized to your specification.

  Please refer to the attached brochure for detail, we will offer you a” Special try-out price” for the first order. If you have any require for the product. Please feel free to contact us; we will do our best to serve your needs.